Friday, April 22, 2011

Sir Bouff-A-Lot

So I did some previous posts on this magnificent being.

The peak of evolution.

And now it has spawned into a force of its own.
Initially it was only this.

Then I had my epiphany.

And now I (with the help of Aris) have created ALL of this:

So as I (we) think of more, then I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy April 21st

 So apa-logies for the absence....haven't been in the mood. And about the comic....I just did it and posted it on tumblr, but then realized I could make it the Sunday Comic, but by the time I realized it, someone reblogged it, so I wasn't going to delete it.

Today is a special day. No, nothing signifcant happened on this day. The most significant thing is probably Charlotte Brontë's birthday (she is the author of Jane Eyre). 

What is significant is the day that precedes it and the one that follows. The two main reasons for the significance of the other days: April 20th is Hitler's birthday and April 22nd is Lenin's.

I was going to do a post just about Hitler on his birthday, but I thought people might take it the wrong way. 

So Hitler (he turned 122 this year). Known to many (almost all Americans) as the most evil man to have ever lived. Some will disagree. Personally I view Stalin as more despicable, but there is some biased there, since Estonia was more oppressed by him than Adolf. Even as one of the most evil men in history, Hitler has become the subject of many a joke. Some are quite vicious., so I won't post them here in fear of insulting peoples.

Also, apparently Hitler is into the hippity-hoppity music. You think the SS stands for Schutzstaffel, but no; it stand for super smooth. A little known fact about the Führer, also dope on the mic.

He has also appeared in many movies. Recently, he was busy getting shot in the face repeatedly in Inglorious Basterds.

Another really good film with him is Der Untergang [The Downfall] (2004). It showed the final days of Hitler as Berlin was being shelled by the Allied forces. I don't really remember what was so great about the film about. All I know is that it's good. Very well acted, and very parodied.

Oh! If possible, check out Roald Dahl's short story about Hitler called "Genesis and Catastrophe" . It is great!

Well, so Hitler's birthday is on the 20th. Does that really make it an awesome cool epic day? By itself, not really. Close though. But with a little help, it can go over the top.

And help is recieved from-

Crispen Glover who you may remember from Back To The Future as Michael J. Fox's father.

And Andy Serkis who is the voice of Gollum.

Not the greatest actors, but cool enough. They have the "honor" of sharing their birthday with lil' ol' Adolph.

Oh, also. The Columbine massacre. Yap, that happaned on Hitler's 110th birthday. Aren't coincidences fascinating? 

So the 21st.

Highlight of the day is Lenin. I guess he is pretty evil, but I don't despise him as I do other such men. It's probably that he looks cool. 

Hitler and Stalin had "epic" mustaches, but a sirius lack of beards. So Lenin wins that battle with a moustache and a goatee type thingy. Win.

Also, with a name like Vladimir, which is basically влади мир (read vladi mir), which translates to "rule the world." So with a badass name like that, how could he be anything else than the father of the Soviet Union.

He just looks badass...somewhat like Satan, and has a badass name. So awesome in my book. Also, he didn't get around to doing that whole genocidal thing like the others. And probably because of that people (Americans) don't know what he really did, hence less jokes involving him.

Lenin is holding cat. Your argument is invalid.

Also, super badassness: He hasnt been buried. He was embalmed and now his corpse is just chillin in the Red Square in Moscow in some glass box or something. So when you end up going to Moscow never, go check it out.

So there better be support for Lenin on this day, to make it so the 21st doesn't become all about Hitler like always. Well, he does have very strong support indeed.
In the celebrity bin, the 21st has 

Jack Nicholson. One the greatest actors of all time. I really like him. I could go on and on, but I'll just leave at this:

Best psychopath evar!

Also, The joker

Also Ryan Stiles. One of the funniest guys around. Whose Line is basically back. YAY! OOOOH YEAH! 

So is there something on the scale of the Columbine massacre? Yes, I guess. There was some explosion in Mexico where 252 people were killed. But that isn;t something people really know. So I am going to ignore it. Instead, the destructiveness of this day is helped by another man.

None other than


Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb!

So there you have it, so any awesome cool epic events in such close proximity. Why not celebrate/mourn April 21st?

Sunday Comic (almost)

So I have been missing for a week...whatever. I'll get to that later. The Sunday Comic will be shelved for a while (due to issues with no one able/willing to draw them). So until that gets sorted out you get NUSSSSSING! Except this.

Concept: Chris Reintal
Picture: Aphrodite and Eros by Giovanni Pellagrini, head from artwork by Ken Sugimori
Edited together by Chris Reintal

Another fantastic work by me with Microsoft Paint. So after my other genius work, I thought to myself who else has an afro, so I can edit Bouffalant's head on it? And then it hit me- Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love (Roman equivalent is Venus) sounds like Afrodite. And a google image search led me to this picture and BOOM! Comic genius.

So this was just a spur of the moment. I made it and posted it.